From our research we have found that over 80% of car buyers are visiting the internet prior to visiting the dealership. With figures like that, it is more important than ever for dealers to effectively and efficiently manage their reputation, client retention, lead opportunities, and online interactions and presence.

To accomplish all of these tasks, we were forced to use multiple software, services, and tools, and none of them suited our specific needs. So we set out to build VINControl, a fully integrated and modular set of tools that are simple yet intuitive. Every tool manages a specific area of the dealership from one central place.

  • VINControl manages your inventory and online presence
  • VINSocial manages your online reputation and social marketing
  • VINSell enhances your auction experience
  • VINPage improves your online presence
  • PostCL automates your Craigslist posting
  • VINGenie adds mobility to VINControl
  • VINGenie lite adds transparency to the appraisal process
  • VINCapture ensures your inventory looks its best
  • Dealer Mobile App keeps you connected to your clients
  • If you’re tired of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars only to get the same results, it’s time to take control with the VIN Suite.

    The VIN Suite – Advancing the Basics to provide superior software, service, and support tailored to our clients’ needs.