Sales Consultant
Job Description
Sales Consultant
Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego
Job Type
Full Time
Required Experience
2 years +
VINControl is a growing software company that strives to make the car business as user-friendly and accessible as possible, including dealership inventory management, car service and advertising. Our suite of applications emphasizes integration and efficiency for the dealer and convenience for the customer. We believe that a good employee should grow with their company, and that the company’s successes should reward the employees that made it possible. Because of this philosophy every person at VINControl is eager to do what they can to better the products we produce and, in turn, better the company and themselves.
The Sales Consultant will manage their sales activities, develop and submit monthly forecasts, utilize customer relationship management (CRM) software and conduct market research to reach goal attainment. The Sales Consultant will strategize with the V.P of Sales on positioning the product while assisting in developing new ideas based on an industry data and needs in the market. They will report to the V.P of Sales and work closely with local sales management. Sales Consultants must possess business and sales ability with a strong understanding of the market and its needs.