Our experienced photographers are trained to take more into consideration than just getting the entire car in the picture. They pay special attention to composition, positioning, and consistency so that your inventory is always presented in positive light (no pun intended). Our standard is to put as much care into presenting your cars as we would if we were selling them ourselves.

Our photographers upload your pictures to VINControl before they leave your dealership. Once uploaded, they are ready to be viewed immediately on VINControl, VINGenie, and VINGenie lite. Additionally, if we are responsible for your webpage, the images will instantly be available there too with no 24 hour processing times or manual data feed exports. .

Our application is specially designed for Android based camera devices so that you can take advantage of the impressive image quality they can provide while having access to the easy-to-use Smartphone interface we have all become familiar with. We have specially optimized the application for use with the Samsung Galaxy Camera, but it also performs well on the Nikon COOLPIX S800c..

We apply our custom-designed overlays during our upload process. This increases the efficiency of our entire system, allowing for a shorter delay between the photos being taken and the images being ready to be circulated. The process also means that the overlay will be adjusted to the resolution of each individual photograph..

We design our Window Stickers with your dealership in mind. That means more than just the name of the dealership and the logo on the top; we incorporate the colors of your dealership or website into our design, and we also include text catered to what services you offer. All in all, our window stickers look very professional, are high quality, and perfectly accent your cars and your dealership..

The moment your cars’ images make it to VINControl they are included in our next feeds to every one of your authorized exports. Whether they’re going to Autotrader, Cars.com, any online classified website or even your own website, you can rest assured that we’ll have your pictures there as soon as possible..

Sam Klein
General Manager, OC Nissan Irvine
The VINControl team is always making additions to their software, and many of them were ones I requested myself. They really make it feel like they are building their products just for me!
James Magee
Former Dealer Principle