VINSell is a Manheim auction manager made with simplicity in mind. We’ve put all the information you search for yourself in one place. allows users to search out specific cars or browse through each auction, allowing filtering results at every step of your search. From a car’s profile page you can see national market data, Carfax, Karpower and Manheim* MMR information as well as take notes on a car or mark a car as a Favorite.

We also offer VINSell as a Windows desktop application. VINSell for Windows allows an enhanced Manheim viewing experience, pairing the familiar interface of Manheim’s website with all of our market information.

But what happens when you’re physically at the auction itself and you don’t have your computer? That’s where VINSell for iOS and Android come in. With your login you can see all of the information you’ve saved online as well as continue researching and making changes to your existing notes or favorites. If you’d like to add a car you’ve bought at auction to your inventory on VINControl, a simple button press will add it to your dealership’s appraisal section instantly, ready to view on VINControl or VINGenie. Whether you’re at auction or planning to be, VINSell is there to help.

*Valid credentials required for Manheim, Karpower, and Carfax.

Sam Klein
General Manager, OC Nissan Irvine
The VINControl team is always making additions to their software, and many of them were ones I requested myself. They really make it feel like they are building their products just for me!
James Magee
Former Dealer Principle